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Poem Of The Day

Bright light

As close as she is far
It never ceases to amaze me my precious star.
Her radiant light shines from above
Letting us know she shows her love.
Sometimes time bright sometimes dim
She's always there through the darkest grim.
Though we can't always see her we know she's there
Giving us strength and hope everywhere.
With out her way we would be lost
Never knowing the price she cost.
With her warmth she keeps us safe
Looking up just to see a glimpse of her face.
And then we see the smile she gives
A smile so bright a smile so pure
We keep looking up to see more.
Till one day the light burns out
It scares me sense less I feel doubt.
But I still look up from a far
Knowing again I will see my star
The distance is great, the distance is wide
But in my heart I know she's always by my side!!
So one day should you feel alone
Just remember she has place in her heart you can call home.
P.s m

Poet: Gerald Weekly