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Poem Of The Day

Second Chance

Can you clearly think about what will happen
if we keep acting this way neither of us will win
Iím tired of crying, my eyes canít take anymore
my heart has crashed to the floor, I had a fist
full of hope which has turned into dust since
the day trouble came our way, I feel like we
have been placed under a curse, I know that if we
turn this failing love of ours around, we can take
on the world, plus deal with each otherís own fears
but in order for that to happen we need to show an
act of good faith, so I stand here today saying that
Iím wrong, in hopes you will see just how strong I am
so all I need to hear from you, is that you will
forgive me and give us a second chance to right the
wrongs we have both made, Iím in pain thatís why these
words are crying for me I just canít give any more
after all, I have nothing left to give so the change
here today depends on you and your choice to give $
no offer me a second chance.

Poet: ~ the prolific penman