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Poem Of The Day

Can I still say that I love you??

Can I still say that I love you??

Where were you ?

And where was I?

Though we were so apart

How did the spaces die?

What are you?

And what am I?

Though we are so different

How did the colours fly?

What value do I have?

And how valuable you are!

Though Iím so unimportant

Why do you shine for me in the sky?

What do I really deserve?

And what not do you do for me?

Though Iím always ungrateful

Why do you still standby?

What do you expect from me?

And how much do I really fulfill?

Though I only foist my pains and sorrows

Why do you always smile?

What do I give you back?

Did my words ever thank you?

Though I canít repay

Why do you increase the immense debt of mine?

Will I ever create some happiness in your life?

Will I ever be able to do it for you?

Though this may never happen

Can I still say that I love you??

Poet: Ankita Joshi