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Here I go again,
Sitting alone in the dark,
Thinking of all the pain youíve caused,
As time reaches the 8 year mark,

Why did you have to hurt me,
When I was your baby girl?
You used to be my hero,
And I was your valuable pearl.

I used to love you,
Now I canít stand your voice.
Because when you left,
You left by choice.

You try to act like a father,
Youíre such a hypocrite.
Donít tell me what to do,
Why should I listen to a piece of shit?

I want you out of my life,
But I canít say it to your face.
I never wanna see you again,
To me, youíre a huge disgrace.

I never think of you,
Except of when you call.
Save us all some pain,
And die in the next white squall.

I am not being too harsh,
This is how I truly feel.
I will always love you,
But the pain you caused will never heal.

Poet: Lindsay Mitchell